Special General Meeting approves Major changes in ASL Program

The Executive Board and Strategic Committee's recommendations are overwhelmingly accepted.


After months of meetings with the ASL Strategic Committee and the Executive Board, the General Committee has ratified their 6 recommendations. The recommendations intent are to cut cost and to streamline the Antioch Sports Legends Program requirements on the Program Coordinator and volunteers and to establish a paid office admin position and a dependable volunteer that can provide a stable support function to the ASL coordinator and Program Committee Chairpersons.

The accepted changes are:

1. Hall of Fame Rings. Eliminate the Hall of Fame Ring and Pendant. Currant estimated cost annually is $4,200.00. An alternative Hall of Fame award estimated to cost $100.00 each. Estimated cost savings $2,600.00. Approved 18-1-0 

2. Inductee’s Complementary 2-night stay. Eliminate the complimentary lodging. Offer Inductees contact information for the Oakley Delta Plus Best Western and use of a prearranged discount rate. Estimated cost savings $1,100.00. Approved 19-0-0

3. The Inductee and Volunteer Recognition Breakfast. Eliminate HOF breakfast to honor the inductees and the ASL volunteers. The inductees would be invited to see their photos and 130 word bios on the HOF brick wall at 1:00 with the public. The Volunteers could possibly be honored at the Alumni Bar B Que. Estimated cost savings $1,200.00 Approved 19-0-0

4. Research and Recognition Committee. Revise the R&R responsibilities to eliminate from the ASL Coordinator the responsibility of generating inductee bios and facilitating the voting ballot mailing and tabulation process. The responsibilities of the R&R committee will be expanded to include all facets of the inductee selection process including generation of the ballot and distributing, collecting and tabulating the voting results and bio generation. For the Gala Yearbook, the research and writing of individual inductee bios will include ASL Alumni support to the extent possible with the balance completed by hired bio writers. The ASL coordinator will maintain responsibility for collaborating with the graphic designer approved bios into the gala program. To maintain the ASL annual timeline, all 300 +/- word bios, 130 +/- word short bios and inductee photos shall be delivered to the graphic designer on or by May 15 of each year.        Approved 19-0-0 

5. Sports Legends Museum Displays. Eliminate creating individual museum displays for inductees of each class. The displays cases will be re-purposed to display sports memorabilia based on general themes designed to enhance the museum’s attractiveness to the general public. The inductees will have their photos and 130 word bios on the HOF brick wall. The display committee will establish and confirm display recommendations for the 2017 displays and beyond with the collaboration of the RR and the approval of the Sports Legends Executive Board. Approved 16-2-1 (16 yes, 2 no, 1 abstention)

6. Gala Event and Ticket Sales. The Gala event will be kept much as it exists today with the exception of enhancements to the ticket sales and seating assignment process. Recommendations to the committee for enhancements are as follows. 1. Purchase ticket sales and seating assignment management software. Offer Public Tickets Online with option to purchase with credit card. 2. Have Inductees sit at tables with family. Establish smaller speaking podium for speeches. Use space savings to add tables and seating capacity. 3. Seat past inductees at regular tables with improved placement. (Minimize tight rectangular tables on periphery of room.) Approved 19-0-0

The new Program Coordinator and Office Admin job descriptions were read and approved 19-0-0 

Eddie Beaudin's new meeting quorum numbers were approved 19-0-0. 

A special thanks to The Strategic Committee Chair, Steve Parks HOF 2015 for facilitating the recommendation process.