Former 49er Coach and current Michigan Coach Harbaugh at AHS

Antioch High head football coach John Lucido showing former 49er Head coach and current Michigan Head coach Jim Harbaugh around campus in January. By the look of Coach Harbaugh’s smile he likes what he sees.

Not only Harbaugh has come knocking at the door of Antioch High’s campus this year, Notre Dame Head Coach Brain Kelly dropped by while the Fighting Irish were playing at Stanford. Alabama’s Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin was also by and who are they coming to see? The 6’2″ 225 lb. junior running back Najee Harris. As the nations number one running back, Harris has given a verbal commitment to the 2015 National Champion Alabama but seems still interested in talking with other schools. Who can blame him, he’s sitting on top of the college football world and can write his own ticket. Good luck Najee, no matter where you choose to go, all of Antioch is enjoying watching you from the sidelines for one more year.

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