Research and Recognition Committee Volunteers Finish Ballot

Alumni and Volunteers cast votes for 10th Hall of Fame Class

There are so many Antioch Sports Legends volunteers to be grateful for during ASL’s month of volunteer appreciation.

In today’s spotlight- The Research and Recognition Committee. The R&R Committee is led by Hall of Fame track Coach Mike Hurd, and assisted by Community Leader Hall of Fame Inductee, Coach LeRoy Murray. They are joined by Antioch Sports Legends Hall of Fame Founder Eddie Beaudin, Hall of Fame Team Inductee Dan Tuck, Gary Bras, Kay Power, Jerry Norgol, David Jackson, Hall of Fame Inductee Randy Autentico and committee secretary Gayle Autentico. These men and women selflessly volunteer their time to research nominees from both high schools in the Antioch Unified School District. The R&R Committee start research in December and continue through March each year. When the committee’s research is completed, ballots are created for the Antioch Sports Legends Alumni and qualified volunteers for selecting the next class of hall of fame inductees.

Thanks again to the hard working Research and Recognition Committee for there excellent job this year!

If you are knowledgeable about sports and have a passion to learn more about Antioch athletics and are interested in hearing more about the R&R committee, email me at: Thanks- Tom Lamothe

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